Overview of the District Admin Dashboard

3.png Audience: District Admins

From the District Dashboard, District Admins can view any school in your district, see a district-wide summary, and manage district settings. Clever/ClassLink districts can also access their Roster Sync Dashboard. 

ℹ️ Note: Admins are only able to sign in on a computer, not the Seesaw app.

Login as a Seesaw Administrator

1. Navigate to app.seesaw.me on a computer
2. Click I’m a Seesaw for Schools Administrator and sign in.

Dashboard Overview

Below are the key components of the District Admin Dashboard. 

  1. Schools: click on a school name to access the School Admin Dashboard. From the School Admin Dashboard, you can manage school-wide settings and view student work happening in Seesaw.
  2. Search People in District.
  3. District Admin Tools: manage District Wide Settings and Archive Old Classes.
  4. District Summary: find high-level insights such as detailed student reports, how frequently Seesaw is being used, and much more! 
  5. District Administrators: lists all district administrators in your district.

District Admin Tools

District Wide Settings

  1. Activities and Assessments - settings for AI-generated Formative Assessment questions and District Library sharing settings.) 

  2. Authentication and Security - settings for Managing District Administrators, Managing District Domains, and Email Domains

  3. Messages - District Admins can view and customize messages settings for your entire district. Ensure a consistent communication experience for every school by pre-selecting settings, or let schools decide!

Archive Old Classes

When the school year comes to an end, District Admins can bulk archive all district classes at once, clearing the slate to ensure up-to-date rostering for another year of learning ahead. You can use this tool to archive last year's classes across all schools in the district.

Manage Roster Sync

District Administrators can automatically connect all families district-wide from Clever or ClassLink. Districts can choose to turn on this feature for specific schools, or the entire district. For districts that use Clever or ClassLink to create classes, click on Manage Roster Sync to access your Roster Sync Dashboard. District Admins can find high-level insights into how your Clever/ClassLink data is syncing with Seesaw and resolve sync errors.

Canvas LTI Integration

For districts using Canvas, the Canvas LTI Integration is available. The Admin must first reach out to their Seesaw CSM to request activation of the Canvas integration before proceeding with the below steps. Learn more here!

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