Messages School Settings for District Admins

District administrators can manage messaging settings for all schools in their district at the same time. 

From the District Admin Dashboard, District Admin's can customize messaging settings to apply district wide in alignment with district goals and regulations. You can choose a consistent communication experience for every school, or let schools decide!

District Wide messaging settings are only available for Seesaw For Schools District customers. 

How do I access District Messages Settings?
  1. Navigate to your District Dashboard.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner, or on District Wide Settings under the District Admin Tools module.
  3. Either of the above options arrive at the Messages District Settings page.
Customizing Messages Settings

By default, all district settings are set to “let schools decide” and defers to whatever school/org admins have previously set.  

The same actions that have been available to org admins from the School Dashboard are now available to district admins to perform across all schools in their district. Learn more about customizing messages settings here!

Select the setting dropdown for each Seesaw user role. messages_setting_default.png

Carefully review the selected changes, and click Make Updates to proceed. Otherwise, select Cancel.


The updates will be reflected in your district settings immediately.

What is the impact on the Org/School Admin experience?
If a District Admin chooses anything other than “Let Schools Decide”, an Org Admin going into the Org Dashboard will no longer be able to manipulate that setting. If they had previously set another setting other than what District has set, it will be overridden. If the org had no prior setting set, it will acquire whatever the district setting is.
Will School/Org Admins be able to override district wide settings?

No. If a District-wide setting is set, it will supercede anything previously done at the org/school level. Org Admins trying to view the setting on the Org Dashboard will see the district-setting (grayed out) with a comment that it has been set at district level. If District Admins want schools to have flexibility in choosing settings, we suggest the default setting “Let Schools Decide”. 

Can I undo changes?

If a District Admin makes a change that needs to be undone, go back into the settings and select “Let Schools Decide” from the drop-down menu. This will revert all the school’s settings back to whatever had last been set before the District Admin made changes.

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