How to manage District Trusted Domains

3.png Audience: District Administrators

Seesaw only allows users with trusted domains to be added to the dashboard. Generic domains such as,, or cannot be used. District Administrators can manage trusted domains at all schools within their district. 
Note: At least 1 trusted domain is required at all times.  

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Trusted Domain Prompt
The first time a District Admin accesses the Authentication and Security tab, they will be prompted to review suggested trusted email domains. These suggested domains are gathered from the trusted domains that are already listed on the school dashboards. The District Admin will approve the domains that they want in their District Trusted Domains list and can add additional domains at any time.


How do I add or remove a domain?

  1. In the District Dashboard under District Admin Tools, tap on District Wide Settings.
  2. Tap on Authentication and Security. 
  3. Scroll down to Manage District Domains.

To add a Domain:

Enter the domain in the Add Trusted Email Domain section, and click Add.

To remove a Domain:

Click Remove on the right side of the domain you would like to remove. This will remove the trusted domain from all schools in your District.

How do I manage who can add/remove Trust Domains?

District Administrators have the option to allow their school-level Administrators to manage Trusted Domains at their schools.

When toggled ON, School Admins can add or remove any trusted domain at their school, including domains set by the District Admin.

When toggled OFF, School Admins will be able to view their trusted domains but not edit any domains. 

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