Seesaw Canvas LTI Integration Setup for Admins


The Seesaw Canvas LTI integration offers the below features:

  • Allows teachers and students to easily access Seesaw activities from within Canvas
  • Links your Canvas classes to your Seesaw classes, via your existing rostering methods for both tools
  • Streamlines the assignment creation and completion processes, directly in Canvas. Teachers can add Seesaw activities to Canvas assignments. Students can complete Seesaw activities while staying in Canvas (web)


🚩 Only the District's Canvas Admin can set up the integration.

🚩 The Admin must first reach out to their Seesaw CSM to request activation of the Canvas integration before proceeding with the below steps.

🚩 The Canvas LTI Integration is only available for Seesaw for Schools Districts. Single school purchases are not eligible.

Teachers and Students must:

  • Be using paid Seesaw for Schools licenses, not free accounts.
  • Already rostered in Seesaw.
  • Not have cookie blockers enabled. 
  • Be using desktop web (not available on mobile).
  • Be using a Chrome browser.
  • Login through email, GoogleSSO, CleverSSO, or ClasslinkSSO.


Step 1: Admin Set Up Seesaw LTI in Canvas

🚩Before you begin: Check to see if your Seesaw roster is up to date. If it is not up to date, students may not be able to log into Seesaw from Canvas. (Technical setup steps are here if you need to update).

In Seesaw, navigate to the District Dashboard page. Tap the District Wide Settings button.

  1. Click LMS Integration, select Canvas, and click Next.

  2. Tap the Copy JSON URL button.
  3. Return to Canvas.
    1. Navigate to the Admin tab on the left side panel.
    2. Scroll down and click on Developer Key in the secondary left panel.
    3. Click +Developer Key.
    4. Select +LTI Key from the dropdown. 
  4. On the Key Settings screen, enter the following:
    1. Key Name: Seesaw.
    2. Select Enter URL from the Method dropdown menu.
    3. Paste the JSON url from Seesaw into the JSON url field.
    4. Add the following Redirect URI:
  5. Click Save.
  6. Toggle the 'State' to ON.
  7. Take note of:
    1. the URL in your browser. This is your Canvas URL. You’ll use it in a few steps.
    2. the number under Details in the Developer Keys view. This is your Client ID. Copy the Client ID. You will use it in a few steps.
      Note: ignore the "Show Key" button.
  8. Navigate to Admin in the left hand panel
    1. Click Settings.
    2. Click the Apps tab in the top navigation.
    3. Click the View App Configurations button. CleanShot_2022-07-15_at_11.57.31.png
  9. Click +App
    1. Under Configuration Type, select By Client ID in the dropdown menu. 
    2. Paste the Client ID you copied earlier.
    3. click Submit.CleanShot_2022-07-15_at_11.57.57.png
  10. Click Install and "Yes, Install Tool".

Step 2: Admin Set Up Seesaw LTI in Seesaw

Return to Seesaw and Complete Step 2.

  1. Enter your Canvas URL and Client ID.

  1. Check the box confirming you have added the Seesaw App in Settings and click Set up Canvas Integration button.

  2. You will see a confirmation screen. Congratulations! Seesaw and Canvas are integrated!

Next Step: Teacher Setup in Canvas

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