Seesaw Codes

With so many different code-based ways for both students and families to log in to Seesaw, it can be hard to keep track! To help, we’ve compiled a list of the different “codes” that Seesaw uses, as well as resources for more specific questions!

Home Learning Codes

Home Learning Codes are individualized 16-digit codes that allow students to log in to Seesaw or the Seesaw App from home while protecting their privacy. We recommend the use of Home Learning Codes for students in remote learning situations who do not use school email addresses to log in. 

For students on a Seesaw for Schools dashboard, Home Learning Codes are per student, NOT per class. One Home Learning Code will allow a student to access all of their classes. 

Students not on a Seesaw for School dashboard will need to sign in and out and rescan codes as they move from class to class. If these students would like the ability to toggle between classes, they will need to have an email address or SSO account tied to their account.

Seesaw for Schools Admin need to turn on Home Learning Codes from the ‘Admin Tools’ box on their school dashboard for teachers to be able to download them.

Home Learning Codes can be printed out and distributed to your class, or downloaded as a CSV. On the printout, the student’s Home Learning Code is provided in text form and as a QR code for students to scan via Seesaw’s built-in QR code scanner to log in to their Seesaw class.

Home Learning Codes remain valid for one year after being activated but can be changed whenever necessary. For more information about accessing your class’s Home Learning Codes, tap here!

Student QR Code

If a teacher chooses the ‘Class Code Sign In’ (either ‘1:1 Devices’ or ‘Shared Devices’) mode upon creating their Seesaw class, they will be prompted to print out a student sign-in poster. This poster will have a QR code that students can scan via Seesaw’s built-in QR code scanner to log in to their Seesaw class. For information about troubleshooting this QR code, tap here.

The Class QR code will allow students to stay logged in to Seesaw on their device for up to 1 year, and the code is valid until the class is archived. Once the class is archived, it will no longer be accessible via QR code. Note: QR codes for posts in Seesaw will still work even after the class they are in is archived.

Student Text Code
Along with the student QR code, teachers using Class Code Sign-in are also given a 6-digit text code that students can type in the ‘Text Code’ box on the login screen to sign in to their Seesaw class if they prefer. These text codes are valid for up to 1 hour; teachers can generate another by tapping the ‘+ Students’ button in their Seesaw class.
Student Join Code

Students signing in with their email or SSO accounts are given an 8-digit code that they can use to join their Seesaw class. This code expires 1 week after generation (when the teacher taps ‘+ Students’). After joining the class with the join code, the students will use their email address to sign in to Seesaw.

Once the student inputs the code, all they have to do is log in through the Seesaw app or from
Student Sign In.png


Family Invite QR Code

A printable handout with a QR code is one of three ways that family members can connect to their child’s Seesaw class (the other two being via SMS or via email). For Family QR code troubleshooting info, tap here.

Scanning the QR code gives families instant access to their child’s journal in Seesaw - no need for teacher approval! This is because each Family QR code is unique to each child whose family members wish to connect. The Family QR code invite can also be translated into different languages. For more information about connecting to a Seesaw class as a family member, tap here!

If you’re a family member with multiple students who use Seesaw, you can add additional journals by signing into Seesaw > tapping your profile icon (top left) > tapping ‘ + Add Child’s Journal’ > scanning the new QR code.


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