Student experience when switching to an existing class

If your school makes changes to student rosters during the year that result in students being moved from one active class to another, there are several things to keep in mind! You can use the following information about what happens with student journals, assigned activities, login methods, and connected family members during midyear roster changes. 

What happens when a student is removed from an active class? 

Student Journals

The posts that students add to Seesaw journals and student responses to Activities are stored in the class where they are created, uploaded, and approved by the teacher. The posts will not be moved to the new classes that students are enrolled in.

If a student is removed from a Seesaw for Schools class, their work completed in the class will remain visible to teachers and administrators via the Historic Portfolios tool. Students and connected family members will not be able to see the work that was completed in the active class from which the student was removed. 

To keep students connected to their journals, please keep students enrolled in both classes until the end of the school year when classes are archived. This will ensure that the student maintains access to their journals.

If it is not possible to keep the student enrolled in both classes, Admin can use the 'Download Journal' tool to download a .zip file for the student work before making a roster change. This journal can then be provided to connected family members.

Students can be re-enrolled in all classes in which they have completed work before end-of-year class archival. This will reconnect them to their journals and ensure that all work is maintained in the Historic Portfolios.

Reconnecting a Student to a Class

If you have removed a student from an active class and would like to reconnect the student to their previously completed work, you can re-enroll the student in the class. Once the student is re-enrolled in the class, they will be reconnected to their student journal. All previously completed work will be visible to the student and connected family members, as well as to teachers and admin.

Connected Family Members

When a student is removed from an active class, any family members connected to the student account will no longer have access to the student journal for that class.

What happens when a student joins their new class?

Previously assigned Activities

When a student is enrolled in a new class, they will receive any Activities that were previously assigned to ‘All Students’ in the class. If you would like to remove these Activities from the new student’s To-Do List, any teacher in the class can archive old Activities or Edit the Activity and remove the student from the list of assignees by tapping the [...] button on the Activity, choosing Edit Activity, and editing the ‘Assign to:’ field.

Sign in methods

- Students using Home Learning Codes can continue to log in to a new class with the same Home Learning Code they used previously. Home learning codes are valid for one year.

- Students using email/SSO sign in to their new class can continue to sign in this way. If you would like teachers to add students to their new class instead of using one of our automated rostering methods or directly from the school dashboard, they will need to provide the student with the class join code.

- Students using Class Codes can be added using one of our automated rostering methods, directly from the school dashboard, or by the teacher in the class as long as the student has a student ID number.

Connected Family Members

Family members will stay connected to their child's account, regardless of what class they are enrolled in. Teachers will not need to re-invite family members when students join their classes.

For more information about rostering, check out our technical steps for administrators!

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