How do I archive an activity?

Archived activities cannot be restored in account settings, and will no longer appear in the Activity Library. If you have customized an activity, you will still be able to access the original activity in the Activity Library. If students have responded to an activity, their responses will not be archived. You can un-archive your activity through student responses.


To archive an activity: 

1. Tap the Activities tab.


2. Select [...] on the activity you would like to archive.

3. Tap 'Archive'. If there are no student responses to an activity, you can tap 'Delete' to permanently delete an activity.

To un-archive an activity: 

1. Tap the gray 'In Response To' activity bar at the top of a student response to the activity.

2. Tap [...] then select 'Edit activity'.

3. Tap 'Preview'

4. Tap 'Share' to re-share the activity and make it active in the Activities Tab.





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