Midyear Rostering and Setup

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Midyear rostering can have an added layer of complexity as teachers may have already created classes for the new school year. To avoid confusion for teachers, students, and families, we recommend adding teachers, transferring existing classes, and using CSV Rostering to create additional classes when rostering midyear.  

Please note that rostering with Clever or ClassLink midyear is not recommended as this often results in existing classes and student accounts being duplicated as data is imported. To avoid this, we recommend following the steps below.

Adding Existing Teachers

As some of your teachers may already have created classes using the free version of Seesaw, you will want to add their existing accounts to your school dashboards to prevent creating duplicate accounts and classes. 

Option 1: Approve teachers connected to your school

Some teachers may have indicated they work at your school by tapping on their profile icon > Add My School.

Seesaw will automatically match these teachers with your school. All you need to do is approve their connection. Once they are approved, our system will add their accounts to your Seesaw dashboard.

If you need their classes and students transferred to your dashboard, please contact Seesaw Support.

  1. Sign in to your Seesaw for Schools Admin Account.
  2. On the Overview Tab, you may see a notification that teachers want to join your school
  3. Tap View and Approve.
  4. Accept teachers who are part of your school and hide any teachers that you do not want to add to your school dashboard.
  5. Follow the prompts to move these teacher accounts into your school.
Option 2: Search for teachers by email

Some teachers may not have indicated they work at your school. You can add them by their school email address.

Important: Before you do this, have teachers check the email address used on their existing Seesaw account and update it to their school email. Failing to do this will cause delays.

  1. Tap the Teachers tab.
  2. Tap Add Existing Teacher Accounts.
  3. Copy and paste your staff email list, one email address per line, into the text area.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm the teacher accounts you want to move to your school.

Once you have added your existing teachers, you can reach out to Seesaw Support to have their classes for this year transferred into your dashboards. Once classes are transferred, updates can be made using the CSV Bulk Edit Tool.

If you need to create classes for additional teachers, we recommend using the CSV Rostering Method.

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