How do I use the school dashboard?

Seesaw’s school dashboard gives you insight into your school and allows you to centrally manage all of the classes, teachers, and students using Seesaw at your school. Each tab on the dashboard will allow you to manage different things - classes, teachers, students, skills, analytics, and schoolwide announcements. Please find more information about each tab below, and feel free to check out our other school dashboard resources as well!

The Overview Tab

Here’s where to find your school’s weekly stats, some recently added posts, and your admin toolbox.


Weekly Stats: Quickly understand what is happening in your school each week. See the number of new posts, likes, comments and family visits in your school.

  • New Items: New posts added to student journals or activity responses in last 7 days. Posts can be added by students or teachers.
  • New Comments: New comments added by students, teachers, families in the last 7 days.
  • New Likes: New likes added by students, teachers, families in the last 7 days.
  • Parent Visits: Number of times family members visited Seesaw in the last 7 days.

Recently Added: See new student work in your school. You can even leave a like or comment to engage with the students at your school!

Admin Tools: We’ve made it easy to find all of the frequently used admin tools in one spot. You can:

The Classes Tab

The Classes tab gives you a quick view of all your active classes.

Screen_Shot_2020-09-24_at_3.02.08_PM.pngFrom this tab, you can:

  • Search for a class you would like to view. Just type the Class name into the search bar and click on the Class Name to view as an Admin. 

  • Create a new class by clicking on the Create Class button, or use Bulk Import Rosters to create many classes at once.
    • If you’re creating more than just a single class, we suggest you use the Bulk Roster Import option.
  • Edit a class. Add or remove teachers or students, manage Class Settings, or archive the class!
    • Hover on the name and click Class Settings button on the right hand side.

      Note: It is not possible to merge classes at this time. If students have posts in two separate classes, you will need to merge the student accounts together so that students will maintain access to all of their items through the Past Work tool. 


  • View your archived classes. Just tap the 4 lines button to the right hand side and select 'View Archived Classes.'
  • Export a CSV of Active Classes             

The Teachers Tab

The Teachers tab will show you all of the teacher accounts connected to your school.

Screen_Shot_2020-09-24_at_3.12.35_PM.pngFrom this tab, you can:

  • Create a new teacher account
  • Click 'Edit Teacher' to edit existing teacher accounts
    • Add/remove them from classes
    • Update email address
    • Update password

Note: Teachers can now be connected to more than one dashboard at a time. If you have teachers that work at multiple schools that are using Seesaw for Schools, please read through this article. 

  • Add existing teachers to your school
  • Use Bulk Import Rosters to create many teacher accounts at once.
    • If you’re creating more than just a single teacher and class, we suggest you use the Bulk Roster Import option.
    • When you import your class rosters, new teacher accounts will be created for anyone who has never used Seesaw before. Existing teachers will have their new class added to their existing account. 


The Students Tab

The Students Tab will show you all of the student accounts connected to your school. 

Screen_Shot_2020-09-24_at_3.03.34_PM.pngFrom this tab, you can:

  • Create a new student account
  • Use Bulk Import Rosters to create many student accounts at once. 
    • If you’re creating more than just a single student, we suggest you use the Bulk Roster Import option.
  • Search for a student by name or Student ID
  • Click 'Edit Student' to edit a student’s account
    • Choose from name, profile photo, student ID, classes they are enrolled in, and more!


By clicking the Menu button (4 lines button), you can:

  • View archived student accounts
    • You may need to use this tool to merge student accounts or reactivate a student's account. 
  • Export a CSV of your student accounts
    • This CSV Export will give you a list of all students (active and archived) in your school.
    • It will display student name, student ID, email address, archive status, number of connected family members, and which active classes they are enrolled in.  


The Skills Tab

Use Skills to help teachers see student progress towards key learning objectives. Skills are fully customizable to learning goals in your school. Using Skills, teachers can tag student posts with school-defined standards, and gain real-time insight into student progress towards key curriculum objectives. Optionally, teachers can assign a a star rating based on a 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-star scale to student work to get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing towards key curriculum objectives, inform instruction, and save time on reporting.


Teachers only see the skills that match the grade level of the class they teach, or skills marked with 'All.'  

From this tab, you can:

  • Create a new skill
  • Edit an existing skill
    • Hover on the skill and click on 'Edit Skill.' You can update the name, subject, grade level, category quick code, and description.
  • Bulk Upload Skills
    • You can create your own skills, or use one of our pre-made set of skills. Click here for step-by-step directions to bulk upload. Click here to view how to bulk upload skills to your school.
The Analytics Tab

Use the Analytics tab to measure tech use and family engagement at your school.


With Seesaw Analytics, you can measure:

  • Total Posts
  • Weekly Posts
  • Weekly Feedback
  • Weekly Family Engagement

Seesaw Analytics can help you understand if and when your students and teachers are using the technology resources you’ve invested in. Use this data to show that your school is getting the most out of your technology investment as a whole.   


You can also understand in real-time if you’re meeting your family engagement goals for your school and understand Seesaw’s impact on improving the home-school connection at your school.


Watch our professional development session all about using this tab! This 1-hour session will show you how to get the most out of your Seesaw investment. We'll cover how to measure Seesaw usage, simple ways to create community through Seesaw, inviting families, and using Seesaw Analytics.




The Schoolwide Announcements Tab

It is now possible for admin to send Schoolwide Announcements! With Schoolwide Announcements, you can send the same announcement to all of the teachers, students, or family members connected to your school. Here's where to find the Schoolwide Announcements in your school dashboard.

  1. Click + New School Announcement Screen_Shot_2020-07-19_at_4.05.16_PM.png
  2. Customize whether your announcement is sent to teachers, students, and/or family members
  3. Customize the grade level and classes the announcement will be sent to Screen_Shot_2020-07-19_at_4.06.35_PM.png
  4. You can tap '+Add Attachment' to access our Creative Tools
  5. When you're done creating your Schoolwide Announcement, tap 'Send Now' to send. 

    Teachers, students, and family members are not able to reply to Schoolwide Announcements at this time. Here is what announcements will look like on family and teacher accounts: Screen_Shot_2020-07-19_at_4.08.16_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2020-07-19_at_4.08.21_PM.png
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