How do I access previous years’ student portfolios?

It's easy to browse student portfolios as they grow over time!

Admin Access to Historic Portfolio Data

  1. Click on the Students Tab.
  2. Search by Student Name or Student ID to locate the student you want to view.
  3. Click on a Student Name.
  4. This will direct you to a page with a list of the Student’s classes. Use the filters on the right hand side to view the student’s portfolio.Screen_Shot_2017-07-21_at_4.53.28_PM.png


How to Provide Teacher Access to Historical Portfolio Data

Step 1 - Enable Teacher Access:

  1. Sign in as an Administrator.
  2. Click on the Gear Icon (right-hand side).
  3. Turn 'Teacher Access to Portfolio History' ON. Teachers only have access to the data of students they currently teach.

Step 2 - Send Teachers an Email with Instructions:

Hi Teachers,

You can now browse the prior years' portfolio of your new incoming students on the Seesaw website. Using this information, we can help our students pick up right where they left off last year.

To view past years' portfolios, please:

  1. Sign in as a teacher at
  2. Click on your profile icon (top left).
  3. Click on Schoolwide Portfolios.

You will only have access to your current students’ portfolios.

I hope you find this new tool useful! Thank you for all that you do to support our students!

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