How to change the email domain for your school

If the email domain for the teachers, students, or admin at your school will be changing, there are a couple of steps to take to ensure that all account data is properly updated. This will help to ensure that no duplicate accounts are inadvertently created.

Updating existing teacher and admin accounts

Please ensure that teachers and admin who have existing accounts log into their Seesaw for Schools account and update their email address.

1. Tap the profile icon.
2. Tap the gear icon.
3. Select ‘Account Settings.’
4. Tap your email address.
5. Input the new email address and tap the ‘Update Email’ button.

Note: If your school changes domains between academic years, Seesaw Support can assist with updating teacher email addresses in bulk.

Update existing student accounts

If you need to update the domain on a small number of student accounts, you can go to the Students tab of your school dashboard and use Edit Student to make this change.
If you need to update the email addresses of all students on your school dashboard in bulk, you can do so by:

1. Sign into your admin account.
2. Go to the School Dashboard > Student Tab.
3. Tap on the 'Add or Edit Students in Bulk' tool.
4. Download current student data.
5. Make changes to the student's email addresses on the file.
6. Save the updated file as a .csv file and then upload using the CSV Bulk Edit tool.

For more info about using the CSV Bulk Edit tool, click here!

Adding the new domain to your school dashboard
Once you have updated the existing accounts on your Seesaw for Schools dashboard, please contact Seesaw Support for assistance in adding the new domain to your list of authorized school domains.



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