How to manage Schoolwide Settings

3.png Audience: School and District Admins

Schoolwide settings allow Admins to manage class settings on a schoolwide level.

To adjust settings at the school level: 

  1. Sign in to your admin account at
  2. Tap on the Admin Tools gear in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Under School Settings, select Schoolwide Settings
  4. From here, you can:
    1. Enable a setting for ALL classes in your school
    2. Disable a setting for ALL classes in your school
    3. Let Teachers/Users Decide on the setting.
      Note: Choosing Let Teachers Decide will set all settings to the Seesaw default. Seesaw defaults all of these settings to Enabled except for Family Access, which has a default of disabled. With this setting, teachers can enable/disable settings through the wrench icon in their classes.
  5. Tap Update Settings and enter the text to confirm the change for all classes in your dashboard.

If you are not able to find a setting you are looking for, tap the Classes tab, hover on a class, and then choose class settings. From this view you can edit other single class-specific settings. 

Below is an overview of default schoolwide settings. 

1. Students Can See Each Other's Work: Allow Students to view their classmate's posts in their Seesaw Classes. 

2. Students can Like: Allow students to like their own, and their classmate's posts. 

3. Students can comment: Allow students to comment on their own, and their classmate's posts. 

4. Family Access: Allow Teachers to add families to their classes so family members can view their child's work. If this setting is turned to Enabled, Family Access will be turned ON for all classes. Family members that were connected to their child's account in years past will be granted automatic access to the new classes their child is enrolled in. 

5. Families can share posts: Allows family members to share posts from their child's journal via link or social media, as well as save items to their computer or device. 

6. Skills Rating Scale: Allows you to set the rating scale for Skills for all classes in your school. You can let teachers decide or select a 3, 4, 5, or 6 star scale. 

7. Enable Rating for quick assessment: Allows teachers to provide star ratings on student posts for rapid assessment.

8. Require Multi-Factor Authentication for Email Sign-On: Your school can require that school administrators, teachers, or students enter a MFA verification code to access Seesaw. Note: Verification codes are sent via email so it’s important that all users who are required to use MFA also can receive email from Seesaw. Once Require MFA is enabled, whenever a user with the specified role signs in to Seesaw, they’ll be required to enter a verification code sent via email to access their account.

9. Require Single Sign On for Users with Email Address: Your school can require that school administrators, teachers, or students sign in with your single sign on provider to access Seesaw. Note: It is important that user accounts are provisioned for SSO with Google, Microsoft, Clever or Classlink. If you require SSO without accounts being provisioned for SSO, users will not be able to sign in to Seesaw.  Once Require SSO is enabled, whenever a user with the specified role signs in to Seesaw, they’ll be required to sign in with your SSO provider.

10. Teachers can search for AI-generated formative assessment questions to add to activities. Your school can enable or disable AI-generated formative assessment questions.   

11. Sharing activities to the School Library. With Seesaw for Schools, School and District Admins are able to manage whether or not teachers can share activities to School or District Libraries


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