District and School Engagement Dashboards

3.png Audience: School and District Admin with school and district subscriptions.

Engagement dashboards will allow admins to better understand teacher, student, and Family Seesaw usage at both the School and District levels. At the School level, this will include data like teacher and student platform activity, number of activities assigned, family visits/interactions, highlighted student posts, and much more! At the District level, admins can see data rolled up from the School level to understand usage across the district better.



How to access Engagement data

  1. Log in to your admin account at the School or District level.  
  2. Locate the Engagement Analytics tab on the Dashboard. 
  3. Filter by different timeframes for Current school year, Current month, or Last month.
  4. Use the option to Export Data by the different timeframes to be sent to your email.

What is included in the Engagement Dashboard? 

District At a Glance

District At a Glance provides a high-level overview of key district metrics.

Student Posts

Student posts include responses to activities and posts added by teachers or students. One student responding to three activities counts as three.

Teachers Logged In
The number of unique teachers who have logged in. One teacher logging in four times counts as one.
Students Logged In 
The number of unique students who have logged in. One student logging in four times counts as one.
Family Logged In 
The number of unique family members who have logged in. One family member logging in four times counts as one.

Student Posts Created by Month
Student posts include responses to activities and posts added by teachers or students represented in a bar graph. 

Usage by School 
Engagement is listed by School Name within a district. 

Highlighted Student Posts
Highlighted student posts have been added to the Highlights folder to showcase memorable student work.  

Student Posts with High Impact
Students have higher test scores when they have posted using voice, video, or have family member visits.

Activities Taught by Library
Engagement is listed by Libraries along with the percentage of Activities Taught per Library.

Activities Taught
Listed Activities by activity name creator, grade level, and the Times Taught.  

Usage by Teacher
Engagement is listed by Teacher Name along with Grade Levels, School Name, and Activities Taught.


Why does my Engagement Dashboard look different?
We made some exciting, new changes for Back to School '24.  These changes are to bring you the most insightful data on teacher, student, and family engagement that can be broken down by role, school, and activity.

How did the data change for Family members? 
Engagement data on family members captures family member logins instead of data on connected family members.  

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