How do I use the Bulk Update tool in the school dashboard?

Admin can now make updates to students, teachers, and classes in bulk from the school dashboard! This will allow school admin to easily update information for their Seesaw for Schools subscription.

How do I use the Bulk Update tool?
  1. Log into your Seesaw for Schools admin account at
  2. You will see a ‘Bulk Update [Classes/Teachers/Students]’ button in the relevant tabs for Classes, Teachers, Students.
  3. Click the ‘Bulk Update’ button then use the ‘Download Current Data’ button to get a .csv file of the existing data from your school dashboard.

  4. Open the file you downloaded. Update the information in this spreadsheet for your classes, teachers, or students then export a .csv with your updates. (This sheet includes links to CSV Bulk Updates Templates as well as CSV Field Explanations.)
  5. Tap the ‘Continue’ button on your school dashboard.
  6. Click ‘Upload CSV’ and select the .csv file you created.
  7. Preview your changes to make sure that everything looks correct.
  8. Click the ‘Update’ to import your .csv file and start your upload.
  9. When the upload has gone through, you’ll receive an email with a summary of the changes and a zip file of the results, including any errors that came up. Please check these files to make sure that the updates went through as you expected!
What can I do with the Bulk Update tool?
  • Make changes to student information: Download your Students CSV and make bulk changes to Student IDs, email addresses, or display names.
  • Update student enrollments: Download your Classes CSVs and make changes to the enrolled students.
  • Add new teachers or students: Add new Teachers or Students to your school by uploading a CSV file for Teachers or Students with the Identifier left blank. 
  • Archive classes in bulk: Bulk archive Classes that are no longer in use by changing the Is Archived? column to TRUE.
Troubleshooting the Bulk Update tool

I’m not seeing my download show up! 

  • You may need to “Allow popups” in your browser in order for downloads to work.

My CSV uploads but there are zero updates!

  • Try using Google Sheets or Numbers to save and upload CSVs if you are experiencing issues with getting your updates to go through.
  • If you are using Excel, make sure to save the file as UTF-8 so that it can be processed (example)

How do these CSVs work?

  • This sheet includes links to CSV Bulk Updates Templates as well as CSV Field Explanations
  • Data in your school will be updated to exactly match the data that you upload in your CSV files. 
  • For any information that you don’t want to update, you can remove rows or columns and the data will remain unchanged.

Tips for referencing classes, students, teachers in your CSVs: 

  • Downloads currently display unique Seesaw Identifiers to reference classes and schools, followed by the name of the class/school in parenthesis. The name is optional for uploads.
  • Downloads currently display Student IDs for students and Emails for teachers and families by default, but you should be able to use any unique identifier (email, student ID, ClassLink/Clever ID, Seesaw Identifier) in the upload. (ex. For the list of Students in the Classes CSV, you can use Student IDs to add students to the list.)
  • If a student has Student IDs in multiple schools, downloaded Student IDs may display a prefixed Seesaw Identifier for the school followed by ::: and the student ID for differentiation. When uploading new Student IDs or using Student IDs to reference students in your school, you do not need to include the prefixed Seesaw Identifier for the school.
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