How to add a trusted domain to your school

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Seesaw only allows users with trusted domains to be added to the dashboard. Generic domains such as,, or cannot be used. School Administrator can manage domains at their school. District Administrators can manage trusted domains at all schools within their district. This article explains how to manage school domains.
🌟 If you are a District Admin, learn more about How to manage District Trusted Domains here!

Note: At least 1 trusted domain is required at all times. 

If a user has created their account using a personal email address:

  1. Ask them to change the email address in their Account Settings to a school email address.
  2. Move them into your school.

If you have multiple domains that are valid for your school, you can add an additional trusted domain to your school by following the below steps. 

  1. Log into Seesaw as an Admin.
  2. Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner.
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  3. Tap on Trusted Email Domains.
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  4. Tap on Add New Email Domain.
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  5. Enter your trusted email domain and tap Add.
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  6.  Confirm the trusted domain you are adding is correct, and tap Add Email Domain.
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  7. Your new Trusted Email Domain will appear on your list of Trusted Domains. You can now add students, teachers, and administrators using that domain to your dashboard. 
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For more information about adding users with generic domains, please contact our support team. 

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