Learning Insights Dashboard

3.png Audience: Administrators and Teachers with Seesaw Instruction & Insights

The Learning Insights dashboard provides a better understanding of how students perform on standards and equips instructional leaders with actionable data on how Seesaw is utilized for standards-based instruction. Learning Insights provides data on student progress at the district, school, and subject area level, as well as the tools to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions related to instruction. 

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How to access Learning Insights data

  1. Log in to your teacher or admin account.  
  2. Navigate to the Learning Insights Analytics tab on the Dashboard. 
  3. Filter by different timeframes for the Current school year, Current month, or Last month.
  4. To receive a report by email, tap Export Data.

What is included in the Learning Insights Dashboard? 

Standards Usage at a Glance and by Month

Standards Usage at a Glance provides high-level overviews of how standards are being utilized with metrics like graded and ungraded student posts with at least one tagged standard. View trends of this data across the school year in the Standards Usage by Month section.


Standards Performance by School 
Standards Performance by School provides a quick overview, or you can tap directly on the school you wish to view for more data. When tapping on the school, a new tab will open and you can view data such as standards usage, standards performance by class, standards performance by subject, and standards performance overall.
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Graded Posts Tagged with Standards
View recent student posts across your district that are tagged with standards that have either been auto-graded or graded by teachers. These posts have all been graded 3 or higher, highlighting exemplary student work.
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Standards Performance by Subject
View how many activities are tagged and graded by content area as well as overall performance with the color-coded performance bar that coincides with your district’s star rating settings.
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Standards Performance

The Standards Performance section of the dashboard provides student performance data at the individual standards level. View how many activities have been tagged with a particular standard, as well as a breakdown of graded performance to support progress-monitoring and trends.
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