Getting started with Seesaw for families

3.png Audience: Families

Families connect to their child’s Seesaw journal to participate in their student’s learning, see student work, and celebrate progress. 

Families can connect to their child’s journal on the web ( or by downloading the Seesaw App, available on iOS and Android.

When families connect to their child’s journal, they can only see their individual child’s work, or group projects that their child is tagged in. 

🌟 Learn more about using Seesaw to engage with your child's work!

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What can students and family members do in Seesaw?

Students add posts to their journals. Student posts showcase the creative projects they've been working on in the classroom. This could include photos, artwork, videos, activities, notes, projects they've created in other apps, and more!

Families get notified when there are new posts in their student's journal. They can view posts and add likes and comments. Connected family members can only see their own child's learning. 

🧰 Seesaw requires an invite from your child's teacher in order to sign up. Your child's teacher will provide you with a paper, email, or text invite (the invite will include a QR code or link). If you do not have this please contact your child's teacher.

💡 Good to know: up to 10 family members can connect to one child's journal!

View our brief video to learn how to log in, connect to your child's journal, engage with their learning, and message with their teacher.

Create a new Seesaw family account (if you are new to Seesaw)
  1. Download the Seesaw app to your mobile device, or go to on a computer. 
  2. Tap I'm a Family Member
  3. Tap Create Family Account.
  4. Finish creating your account using your email address, Google, or Microsoft account.
Connect to your child's journal

Once your account is created, it's time to connect to your child's journal. Look for an invitation from your child's teacher. This will either be a paper invite, an email, or an SMS/text message.  

For paper invites:

  1. Look for a handout from your child's teacher.
  2. Open Seesaw.
  3. Tap I'm a Family Member and sign in.
  4. Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner.
  5. Tap Add Child's Journal.
  6. Tap Scan QR code. 
  7. Hold up the QR code to your camera.
  8. Make sure you're connecting to your child. 
  9. Tap Confirm
  10. You are now connected to your child's journal!

For email invites:

  1. Check your email for an invitation from your child's teacher. 
  2. Tap on the button or link to connect to your student's journal. DO NOT share the invitation with others.
  3. Sign in with your email address and password.
  4. You are now connected to your child's journal!

For text message invites:

  1. Check your mobile device for a text message invitation from your child's teacher.
  2. Tap the link.
  3. Sign in with your email address and password.
  4. You are now connected to your child's journal!

If you have more than one child using Seesaw, you can subscribe to both journals using the same account. Here's how!

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