Troubleshooting CSV Rostering

If you are having specific issues with uploading your CSV please note that the Data Errors and Warnings that show once you’ve uploaded your CSV have a detailed report of what the issue is. 

Some common issues can be grouped into a couple of categories, as listed below.

Field Information and Headers
  • The majority of the fields in our Template are required. If any of this data is missing, you will receive an error. The required fields are:
    • Teacher Email, Teacher First Name, Teacher Last Name, Class Name, Grade Level, Sign In Mode, Student Name, and Student ID.
  • The CSV headers must stay the same and not be edited. Please ensure that you are not changing the header in any way (they are case-sensitive!). 
  • Please make sure that you are following the formatting guidelines that we have listed in the document. Note that if you input the Grade Level not following the format of K, 1, 2, etc. it will upload as the Grade Level ‘Other’. This is also the case if you input multiple different Grade Levels for one Class. 
  • Please note that if the Sign-In Mode for a class is set to Google, you must include an email address for each student in the class. If the Sign-In Mode is set to Email, you must include both an email address and password for each student in the class. 


Incorrect or duplicated information is included in the spreadsheet
  • Unique Student IDs must be used when uploading a CSV roster spreadsheet. If you have multiple students listed with the same Student ID on the template and their names or email address do not match, you will receive an error message. 
    • Please note that there is no issue with uploading a CSV where the same student is being enrolled in multiple classes as long as the same information is being listed for the student each time (student name, email address, and Student ID).
    • Ensure that you are not reusing Student IDs or email addresses that already are attached to other students on the School Dashboard. Reusing Student IDs or email addresses will result in changes being made to your existing student accounts. If you haven’t already completed the end of year steps prior to rostering the new classes, please refer to the directions HERE.
  • Teachers not associated with the school you are uploading your CSV at. Please note that you’ll want to add teachers to the Dashboard prior to uploading your CSV Roster.
  • Typos happen! Please make sure to review the classes once you have uploaded the CSV and when prompted to review changes. Any typos in Teacher Name, Class Name or Student ID/Email may result in duplicated classes or accounts being created. 
Correct upload flow
  • Uploading to the incorrect tool will also pull an error. Please ensure that you are uploading the CSV Roster Template to the ‘Add NEW classes’ option within the Import & Edit Class Rosters tool
  • If you need to edit any EXISTING classes in the case of midyear roster changes, please refer to our Bulk Edit tool.
Unable to Read CSV
This error occurs when the CSV separators are not supported. This occurs when users are using Excel outside of the United States. To resolve, see Setting Up Your Class Rosters with CSV outside of the United States.
Import Error

Issue: import errors occur when trying to create classes, resulting in creation of empty or partially created classes or student accounts. 

Error: The class is created with no student or teachers connected to it. 

Cause: Weak passwords or password practices not followed.

Resolution: Review password requirements, reset the dashboard, and delete the empty classes.

For more information on CSV Rostering: 

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