How to set up an LTI integration

Seesaw has a Canvas integration for customers who are already Canvas users.

While we do not currently have a direct integration for other LTI's, this universal link will allow you to directly open the Seesaw app when added to other portals (Schoology, Blackboard, etc):

If the same SSO (ex. Google Auth, Clever, ClassLink) is used for Seesaw and the school portal (Schoology, etc), logging in and out of Seesaw through the school portal should also be relatively easy.

Please note that you should select "open link in a new tab" for redirects rather than "embedded iframe," as Seesaw does not currently support an embedded experience across the app for all portals. Many of our tools require specific browser permissions in order to work and this is not possible in an embed today. For example, we need permission to access the camera and microphone for students to create work in Seesaw.


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