Seesaw Canvas LTI integration setup for Teachers

The Seesaw Canvas LTI integration allows teachers and students to easily access Seesaw activities from within Canvas. The integration links your Canvas classes to your Seesaw classes, via your existing rostering methods for both tools. Teachers can add Seesaw activities to Canvas assignments and students can complete Seesaw activities while staying in Canvas (web). 

💡 Check out our Seesaw and Canvas Quick Start Guide for Teachers!


Teachers and Students must:

  • Admin must complete LTI setup first before the integration is available.
  • Be using paid Seesaw for Schools licenses, not free accounts.
  • Already be rostered in Seesaw.
  • Not have cookie blockers enabled. 
  • Be using desktop web.
  • Be using a Chrome browser.
  • Login through email, Google, Microsoft, Okta, Clever, Classlink. 


First Time Login and Setup

In Canvas (note: you will only have to go through Steps 1-6 in Canvas the first time you setup the integration) 

  1. Sign in to Canvas on the web as a teacher. 
  2. Under Courses, choose the Canvas course you’d like to connect to Seesaw.2.png
  3. Go to the Assignments section on the left. Then click + Assignment in the upper right.3.png
  4. Scroll down to Submission Type. From the  dropdown, select External Tool, then click Find.4.png
  5. Select Seesaw in the window. You may need to scroll down to view it.5.png 
  6. In the window, click I’m a Teacher.

In the embedded Seesaw Flow

🚩 You will need to follow the below steps for each Canvas class you want to add Seesaw activities to. We do not support Canvas Cross-Listing. Only a single Canvas class can be linked to a single Seesaw class. 

  1. Sign into your Seesaw account using Clever SSO, SSO, or email.
  2. Click Get Started.
    Teachers - Connect Seesaw 1.jpeg
  3. Select the Seesaw class that you’d like to connect. Click the blue expand icon next to each class name to view it in Seesaw and verify that you’re connecting to the correct class.
  4. Click Connect Seesaw and Canvas.
    Teachers - Connect Seesaw 2.png
  5. You will see a confirmation screen once your class is connected.
  6. Click View Seesaw Activities to access an embedded view of Seesaw’s Activity Library.
    Teachers - Connect Seesaw 3.png

    You’re all set!
    You can now add Seesaw activities to your Canvas class


Adding a Seesaw activity to a Canvas assignment 
🚩 Before adding a Seesaw activity to a Canvas class, you must first setup the class by following the above steps.
  1. Under Courses, choose the Canvas course you’d like to assign the Seesaw activity to.1b.png
  2. Go to the Assignments section in Canvas. Create a new assignment by clicking + Assignment in the upper right.2b.png
  3. Scroll down until you see Submission Type. From the  dropdown, select External Tool, then click Find.3b.png
  4. Click Seesaw in the window. (You may need to scroll down to view it.)4b.png
  5. Choose the Seesaw activity you would like to assign. You can choose something from the Seesaw Resource Library.
  6. Click Assign on the Seesaw activity you want to add to your corresponding Seesaw class. 
  7. Click Select to close the window.
  8. In the Canvas assignment, fill out the Assign section with students and due dates if needed.
  9. Scroll down and click Save & Publish or SaveKeep in mind, if you save an activity but don’t publish it, students will not be able to see it in Canvas. 
  10. Your Seesaw activity has now been added to the Canvas assignment!

💡What will students see?

Your students will see the Seesaw activity embedded in the assignment. When they tap "Add response" on the Activity, they'll be taken to Seesaw with the Creative Tools open. After completing the activity and pressing the green Check or Save Draft buttons, they will automatically be taken back to Canvas right where they left off.
Student assignment on Canvas 1.png

Using Speedgrader™ with Seesaw Activities

To grade a Seesaw activity using Speedgrader, you must add the Seesaw activity to a Canvas assignment using the “External Tool” submission type. View instructions for doing that in the section above.

Grading in Canvas 1.jpeg

🚩 Note: Students need to have completed the Seesaw activity by starting from Canvas and going to the Canvas assignment. If a student goes directly to the Seesaw app or website without going to Canvas first, their activity responses will not be visible in Speedgrader.


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