Seesaw and Canvas LTI FAQs

Do I need to purchase Canvas to use Seesaw?
No. Everyone can still use Seesaw exactly as they have before by going directly to Seesaw. We are offering this integration to better support districts who already use Canvas and want to start assigning Seesaw activities within Canvas. 

Do I now need to use Canvas every time I want to access Seesaw?
Nope! You can keep using Seesaw by going directly to the Seesaw app or website and logging in as you normally would. This integration provides more flexibility in how you can use these tools together - but it doesn’t change anything about the Seesaw app or website itself.

Which sign-in options does the Seesaw + Canvas Integration support?
You should only have to sign in once (ever) to Seesaw within Canvas. The integration supports signing in via SSO, Clever, Classlink, or email. 

Do I still need to roster all my classes and students in Seesaw?
Yes! This must happen before using the Seesaw + Canvas integration. 

What functionality can I only do in Seesaw [not through Canvas]?
The following features in Seesaw do NOT currently integrate in Canvas. If you’re interested in using these features, please go directly into Seesaw to use: 

  • Class journal (and ability for students to see/respond to each other’s work)
  • Parent interaction on their child’s Seesaw activities
  • Seesaw Skills/Rubrics
  • Seesaw Messaging feature (will not link to Canvas messaging)

Help! I accidentally linked the wrong Seesaw class to my Canvas class! What should I do?
Submit a help request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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