Does Seesaw integrate with my SIS?

Seesaw does not integrate directly with any SIS. However, Seesaw does integrate with ClassLink and Clever. If your district would like to automate rostering they will need to use one of these third-party providers. 

What is a SIS?
A student information system (SIS) is a web-based software school districts use to store and organize data about the students in their schools. 

What is the difference between a SIS and Clever/ClassLink?
Clever or ClassLink is a bridge between your Student Information System (SIS) and online learning applications. The third-party app takes the information from your SIS and transfers that data to Seesaw so that we can transform the raw data into your Seesaw district dashboard. 

Availability: Seesaw supports Clever and ClassLink integration for district-wide purchases. Clever and ClassLink integration is not supported for single-school purchases. 

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