Transitioning from Clever/Classlink to CSV Rostering

If you do not wish to continue rostering with Clever or Classlink, you can transition from using those automated rostering systems to using CSV rostering and manual rostering. Here are the steps you will need to take to ensure a smooth transition. 

Step 1: Pause your Clever sync

From the Manage Roster Sync dashboard, please pause your Clever sync on the Seesaw side. Sign in as a District Admin > Click Manage Roster Sync > Click Pause Nightly Sync.
Do not disable your sharing rules in Clever until your sync is paused. If you disable your sharing rules before pausing the sync, all classes and students will be archived on the nightly sync and we do not have a way to bulk restore classes.



Step 2: Connect with Seesaw Support
Write into Seesaw Support and request that they remove Clever IDs/Classlink IDs from classes, users, and schools.
Removing the IDs will remove any connection to Clever/Classlink that the existing accounts and classes have. This step is vital to the success of future rostering and class enrollment management. 
Step 3: Disable Clever/ClassLink sharing
After Seesaw Support has confirmed that your Clever IDs/ Classlink IDs have been removed, you can feel free to disable the connection between Clever/Classlink & Seesaw.  This can be done in your Admin Portal in Clever or Classlink.
Teachers and students can continue using their existing classes that were created by Clever or Classlink originally. These classes will not be archived when Clever/Classlink is disconnected, and these classes will be considered 'manually created', and function just like a CSV class would. 
Step 4: Update existing class enrollments

As an Admin you can add/remove students as needed from existing classes. Navigate to the school dashboard for the school in question > tap the Students tab > search for the student you need to update > tap Edit Student > Manage Classes > and either remove from a class or search for the class you need to add them to. 



If the student does not yet exist in Seesaw, you can do one of the following:

- Use the Add Individual Student button in the Student Tab to create an account and enroll them in classes. 

- Use the CSV Bulk Edit tool to create, add, or edit students in bulk. Learn more about the CSV Bulk Edit tool!



Teachers can also add students to their classes by clicking the wrench icon (top right) > Manage Students > Enter the student’s Student ID to add them to the class. 

Step 5: Create new classes

If you need to create new classes you will use the Import and Edit Class Rosters tool. You can create multiple classes (at the same school) at the same time using this tool. As long as the Student ID or email address for students matches what already exists in Seesaw, existing students will be added to the new classes. If there are no IDs or emails that match an existing student, a new account will be created. More FAQs about CSV Rostering can be found here.

Note: Uploading a CSV will only create new classes, it will not update existing classes. If you need to update enrollments, please see steps in 4a. Uploading a CSV with an updated enrollments list will create a new/duplicate class. 

Teachers can create their own classes as well. They will click their Profile Icon (top left) > Create New Class > then follow the prompts to add students to their classes. They will need the Student’s Student ID number to add existing students to their account. 

For more information about rostering, check out our technical steps for administrators!

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