How to view a student's work after they've been removed from a class

When a student is removed from a class (archived or active) the class name no longer appears in the class feed for historical data. The items are still there, but you’re not able to easily tap a class to view the items. Luckily, there is a workaround!

1. For admin: From the 'Students' tab, tap the name of the student whose work you're trying to view.

For teachers: Tap your profile icon (top left). Tap 'Schoolwide Portfolios' and select the school corresponding to the student whose work you're trying to view.


2. Select the student's name from the list.

3. Tap the calendar icon.


4. Navigate to a date when you know the student was in the class you're looking for and tap 'x posts.'


5. Tap on a post to see if the class name matches the one you're looking for.

6. Return to the portfolio view.


7. Scroll through the feed until you find the date range you're looking for, then tap on the class name on a post. 


You are now viewing all of the student's work from that class!

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