How do I import class rosters?

Administrators on Seesaw for Schools accounts can set up your school's classes, teacher and student accounts in bulk! You can create your school's classes by creating a CSV Roster Import for individual schools, by using Clever, or ClassLink with your district.

Create Classes with CSV Roster Import

If you are creating your classes via CSV Roster Import, you will use our Roster Template to build a spreadsheet of data, import it to your school, and bulk create your classes. It's much easier and faster than creating accounts one by one. View the step by step instructions or watch the recording below.


Create Classes with Clever Sync


If you're already using Clever at your school, you can use Clever to sync with Seesaw for Schools to create your classes, teacher and student accounts in bulk.  Please view the Clever Set Up Guide here, or view the video below (coming soon). 

Create Classes with ClassLink

Resources coming soon!

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