How to use Clever or ClassLink with Seesaw for Schools

Clever and ClassLink are a great way for large schools and districts to create new classes in Seesaw using the student data you have already entered into your SIS. Syncing Seesaw and Clever or ClassLink allows you to set up teachers, students, and classes at multiple schools in your district at the same time, and automatically update rosters when students move classes or join your school. 

To start the sync process, check out our Clever Rostering Guide or the ClassLink Rostering Guide. Don't forget to check out the FAQ guides for both Clever and ClassLink for answers to common questions. 

Allow at least two weeks to get your Clever or ClassLink sync to be set up and running. 

Please note, if you are rostering midyear we do not recommend using Clever or ClassLink. Instead, please add existing teachers so their classes will not be interrupted and CSV imports for any new classes.

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