Why isn't my QR Class Code working?

If you have chosen Class Code Sign in for your class, your students will sign in to Seesaw by scanning a QR Code or entering a short text code.

For your Seesaw Class QR code to work, you must scan it with the Seesaw Class app's built-in QR code reader.

Do NOT use another app to scan your class QR code.

How students sign in to Seesaw with QR Code:

  1. Tap the Seesaw Class App or go to https://app.seesaw.me on Firefox/Chrome.
  2. Tap "I'm a Student" button.
  3. Scan the Class QR code to enter the class.

If you're having trouble scanning the QR code using the Seesaw Class app or getting error messages, make sure your network/firewall allows access to Seesaw: here's how.

** If you have your class set up with Email/Google Accounts for students, your students do NOT have QR code to scan. They will enter the short Join code the first time they use Seesaw. After that, they sign into your class using their email/password. Learn more here. 

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