Messages FAQs for Teachers

Can a Group Chat be turned into an Announcement? Can an Announcement be turned into a Group Chat?
Yes. At any time, a Group Chat can be turned into an Announcement, or vice versa. Simply tap on the ... in the top right of your Message. Next, tap Edit Message Type, then tap the Message Type you'd like to change to. 

editmessagetype.png    editmessagetype2.png

Can I change the name of a conversation?
Yes! Group Conversation names can edited at any time. (1:1 Message threads cannot be edited).
💡 Pro Tip: we recommend editing the conversation name to make is easier to keep track of conversations.
1. Simply tap on the ... in the top right of your Message.
2. Tap Edit Label and rename your conversation.
How do I start a new Group Conversation thread?
When creating a new message where the audience is the same as a previous message, the message defaults to populating with the previous message's details. To start a brand new Announcement with no comments or previous information in the thread, simply change the name of the conversation following the steps above. 
Can a member be removed from a Group Chat?
Yes. At any time, a member can be removed from a Group Chat. Simply tap on the ... in the top right of your Message. Go to the name of the member you would like to remove, and tap on the ... 

Last, from the dropdown, tap Remove from conversation.


I am a Teacher and a family member. How do I switch between accounts?

Please see our Help Center article on Account Switching.

How can I delete old Messages (from classes that are already archived)?

Messages from archived classes will be automatically archived. Recipients from the archived classes are removed from announcements/group chats. If you would like to retrieve these messages, check the Archived Filter to restore.

Note: For S4S teachers, family members who are still connected to the school can still reply to archived messages, unless they are blocked from being able to respond.

How do I download messages?
Teachers, Admins, and families can download messages from conversations they are a part of. Learn more here!
How can I find a list of parents (family members)?

Teachers can view connected families by clicking on the wrench icon > Manage families.


My families can't message me back. Why is this happening?

School Settings for Messages allows school administrators to decide who at their school can engage in private messaging and who with. An Admin can customize their school’s messaging experience based on the communication needs of their school community.

Settings can be updated by school admins for individual schools from each school dashboard.

If you have questions about your Messages settings, please reach out to your Admin.

Logged in user doesn't have permission to access this conversation
If you are seeing this error when accessing Messages, you are trying to access a message that has been sent to a different Seesaw account than the account where you are currently logged in. If you are not sure what email address you are currently using in Seesaw, tap Account Settings > Email Address to confirm. To view the message without error, please use Account Switching to navigate to the correct account, or sign out of Seesaw and sign in again using the correct email address.
How do I schedule messages? 

Teachers & Admins who have access to Seesaw for Schools premium features are able to schedule announcements and conversations to be sent at a time of their choosing. Learn more about scheduling messages!

Will the Share Extension return?

If the Share Extension is a feature you used regularly, we'd love to learn more details of how you used this feature and what type of apps/content you added with it. We'll provide this feedback to our Product team. Learn more about adding files from other apps into Seesaw.

How do I organize my Inbox?
  • Filter by message type by selecting Announcements or Messages from Message Types in the All Messages dropdown.
  • Filter messages by class by selecting Classes you teach in the All Messages dropdown.



Label Your Group Message Threads
Using the 3 dots menu, you can label the message thread with something descriptive, so that recipients can more easily identify the message thread. 


What Messages features are available for Seesaw Basic, Seesaw Plus, and Seesaw Ambassador classes?
Seesaw Basic (free) users have access to:
  • Teacher-initiated announcements to students and connected family members

  • Teacher-initiated 1:1 and group conversations with connected family members

The following features are only available for Seesaw for Schools users, as they require school-level approval by an administrator which is only available for schoolwide subscriptions. The Seesaw Basic version of Messages (including Seesaw Plus and Ambassador versions) does NOT include:

  • Teacher-student 1:1 and group messaging

  • Teacher-initiated student-student messaging

  • Messaging multiple classes or groups within the school

  • Schoolwide settings

  • Whole school announcements

  • Admin visibility into messages sent within the school

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