Office Hours

Office Hours gives teachers the option to set when they are available and have all notifications muted outside of those times. Family members or students who want to send a message outside of office hours will see a banner in the messaging thread, notifying them that it is outside of the teacher’s office hours. 


How do I set up Office Hours?
  1. Teachers and admins can set office hours by going to Account SettingsNotificationsOffice Hours.
  2. To set your office hours, select the days and times where you want to receive notifications. Tap Save Office Hours button. 
  3. To edit or remove your office hours, go to Account Settings → Notifications → Office Hours and edit or remove existing office hours.
How does Office Hours work?
  • Outside of office hours, all app notifications (including non-Messaging notifications) from Seesaw will be muted
  • Teachers will not receive push, app badge, or SMS notifications outside of office hours. 
  • Email notifications will still be sent outside of office hours.
  • If teachers open Seesaw outside of office hours, their notifications within Seesaw will be accurate (ex. Messages badge count, Notifications badge count).
  • During office hours, all app notifications from Seesaw will be delivered as normal.
What do families see?
  • In 1:1 or group conversation threads with their teacher, families will see a banner that indicates it is outside of the teacher’s office hours.

  • Families can still choose to send messages to the teacher outside of their office hours (but teachers will not be notified).
What is the difference between Office Hours and Quiet Hours? When the user sets their office hours, this will NOT pause notifications during the set hours as it would with quiet hours.
Can families or students set office hours? The office hours feature is only available for teachers and admins. How do these features interact with School Settings? All features respect School Settings (or Class Settings for Seesaw Basic).
Can teachers with multiple account roles (ex. also a family member) set office hours? Yes. All teachers can set office hours. If teachers or admins have multiple roles with the same account, their office hours settings will apply across all of their roles (for example, family push notifications will also be muted outside of office hours).

Which notifications will be muted outside of office hours? All push, app badge (red dot), and SMS notifications will be muted outside of office hours. Email notifications will continue to send outside of office hours.

Can Seesaw Basic teachers set office hours? Yes. Office hours is available for all teachers and admins.

How does office hours work with time zones? Office hours will be set according to the time zone of the teacher or admin who set the office hours.

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