Scheduling Messages

Messages scheduling gives teachers the flexibility to schedule announcements and conversations to be sent when you want to! Teachers & Admins who have access to Seesaw for Schools premium features can make sure that families get information they need at the right time.


How do I schedule a message?

From a message thread, create a new message

  1. Tap the Schedule button.

  2. Choose the day and time you want the message to send.
  3. Tap Schedule to confirm.
  4. Your message is now scheduled to be sent!
How do I view and manage scheduled messages?

You can view scheduled messages in the thread list and from within the message thread. Messages can be deleted if needed.

In Message Thread list

Within Message Thread

To delete a scheduled message, tap View in the message thread. Once in the message, tap Delete. Confirm that you would like to delete your message. 

What do scheduled messages look like for recipients?

Scheduled messages look the same as all other messages with no visual indication that they were scheduled.

  • Recipients of scheduled messages receive the message with any relevant notifications at the scheduled day + time.
  • Notifications respect existing recipient notification settings.

How do these features interact with School Settings?
All features respect School Settings (or Class Settings for Seesaw Basic).For example, if families can message teachers according to Messaging Settings, families will be able to privately reply to scheduled announcements.

Can families or students schedule messages?
The scheduled messages feature is only available for teachers and admins. Teachers (or admins) with multiple account roles (ex. also a family member) will be able to schedule messages.

Can 1:1 / group messages be scheduled?
Yes! 1:1/group messages as well as announcements sent in Seesaw Messages can be scheduled.

Can posts be scheduled?
No. However, scheduling activities is also available as a Seesaw for Schools premium feature.

Can scheduled messages be edited?
Messages cannot be edited (only deleted) while they are pending, but after messages are sent, they can be edited just like any message.

Can Seesaw Basic teachers schedule messages?
No. Scheduled messages is available as a Seesaw for Schools premium feature. Seesaw Basic teachers will not see the option to schedule messages.

How does scheduled messages work with time zones?
The message will be sent on the date or time specified according to the sender’s time zone.

Can multiple messages be scheduled in the same thread?
Yes, multiple messages can be scheduled in the same thread, and will show up in the blue banner in order of send time.

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