How to add multiple senders to a message

Multiple teachers/admins can send an announcement, and owners/senders can be managed manually.

Any teacher or admin that is added by name to the recipients of an announcement thread automatically becomes an owner and can send announcements in the thread.

Instructions for Adding Multiple Senders

There are several ways to make teachers/admins owners/senders of an announcement.

Option 1: Directly Add Owner to Announcement
When co-teachers or admins are directly added by name to an announcement, they automatically become an owner of the message. (This can be undone by following the "remove owner" steps below).

They will be able to send announcements in the message thread even if they didn't initiate the message thread, and view read receipts, edit history, and edit the message thread.

Option 2: Change Existing Recipient to an Owner

1. In a Message, tap on the 3 dots menu (or long press on mobile) at the top of the message thread.

2. Tap on message info panel to make an existing recipient an owner.

Option 3: Add co-teachers as senders when starting an announcement thread

1. When creating an announcement thread, under Add Classes>Select Classes, turn the toggle ON.


When educators are multiple senders, are they notified for every reply on the Message, even if they didn't initiate it?
If families and/or students privately reply, the reply goes to the admin/teacher that sent the message they are replying to (using the 3 dots menu on the message).
Can you make someone an owner to an already existing thread?
Yes. Follow the steps above to add an owner to a pre-existing thread.
Can you remove an owner?
Yes. You can remove owner capabilities without removing them from the thread.

Tap on the message info panel to and tap on the 3 dots menu to select the option to remove the owner.

Removed owners will not be able to send messages, manage recipients, or view read receipts.

Do co-teachers have full access to the same messages that the primary teacher in the class has?
No. Co-teachers will only see messages where they are added as a recipient.
Can co-teachers send private messages? 
Yes. For example, messages sent as a 1:1 private message to a family member will not be viewable by other teachers in the classroom.

Note: Admins do have visibility into the messages via the Audit Message tool.

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