Student Safety in Seesaw Messages

Learn how Seesaw Messages puts student safety first. In addition, please review the Messages Code of Conduct, which applies to all Messages users.

Teachers facilitate the student experience of Messages
Seesaw does not allow for student-student or student-family messaging without a teacher or administrator in the conversation. 

Administrators customize and manage Messages settings 
Administrators customize settings to decide what roles (e.g. admin, teacher, family member, student) can engage in private messaging based on the communication needs of their school community and to comply with their school and district policies. 

Messages includes Administrator oversight 
Administrators are able to view all messages between members of their school.

Teachers and administrators manage messages and participants 
Conversation owners can block and remove messages and participants from threads if necessary. 

Messages are secure
Seesaw uses security industry best practices to ensure your messages are secure. 



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