Messages School Settings for Admins

School Settings for Messages allows school administrators to decide who at their school can engage in private messaging and who with! Admin can customize their school’s messaging experience based on the communication needs of their school community.

Settings can be updated by school admins for individual schools from each school dashboard.

How to access Messages Settings

  1. Navigate to your School Dashboard.
  2. Tap the gear icon (top right) to access School Settings.
  3. Select Messages Settings. 

Messages Settings control which roles can start conversations in the school, and with whom. The below image shows the default settings for Messages:


Please note:Create conversations’ means searching for and initiating a 1:1 or group conversation or privately replying to announcements.

Examples of what you can do with Messages Settings

  1. Family members can only create conversations with class teachers
    Only allow families to create conversations (and reply to class announcements) with class teachers.

  2. Class-limited, teacher-initiated conversations
    Teachers can start conversations with families and students in their classes only; students and families cannot start conversations.

  3. No staff-student messaging
    Turn off all staff-student 1:1 and small group messaging.

  4. No private messaging
    Turn off all 1:1 and small group messaging.msesages_-_settings_-_no_private.png

  5. Students and family members cannot reply to announcements
    When sending out a message to everyone in your class or school, be sure you're choosing 'Announcement' instead of 'Group Chat' for your conversation type (in addition to updating the above settings). 

For more information about school settings for Messages, check out our Messages Quick Start Guide for Administrators!


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