What happens when students move from one active class to another

In order to move students during the school year, you will need to add them to their new class. You can choose to leave them in the old class as well, or remove them from the old class. 

  • To add a student to a new class, please find instructions here. 
  • To remove a student from an existing class, please find instructions here.

When a student is moved to a new class during the school year, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Student journals live in the class in which they are created. This means that when a student is moved to a new class, their journal (videos, photos, notes, etc.) from the old class will remain in the old class. The student will begin a new journal in the new class. Seesaw for Schools teachers and admin will have access to each of their journals from both active and archived classes through the Historic Data feature.
  • If you remove a student from a class, they will lose access to that work. The work will still exist in the class and be visible to the teacher. Seesaw for Schools teachers and admin can also still see this work connected to the student using our Historic Data feature.
  • If you choose to leave a student in both classes, they will retain access to that work. If you archive those classes at the end of the year, Seesaw for Schools students using an email address, Clever/ClassLink SSO, or Google or Microsoft sign-in will have access through the Historic Data feature.
  • When a non-email/Google student is removed from a Free Seesaw class, the student account will no longer exist. Parents will not have access to their child's posts after they are removed, so please make sure to let parents know that they can download their child's work at any time prior to the student being removed. When a Seesaw for Schools student is removed from a class, the student will remain on the school dashboard

Reminder: students can belong to multiple classes at once! For more info on how this works for both Free Seesaw and Seesaw for Schools users, please visit this article.


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