How to remove a student from your class

Removing a student from your class means the student and their family members will lose all access to content in the class. The student will no longer be connected to or have access to your class. Family members will also not be able to download a .zip of their child's work once the student is removed from the class. Seesaw recommends leaving students in a class until the family members have downloaded a .zip of their child's work.

To remove a student from your class:

1. Tap the wrench icon.

2. Tap 'Manage Students.'

3. Tap the name of the student you would like to remove. 

4. Tap 'Remove Student From Class.'

Please note, removing a student with an email address from your class will not permanently delete the student account from Seesaw, or remove the student from any other classes. Please contact us if you would like a student's account permanently deleted. 


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