Home Learning Codes

Home Learning Codes are an individualized QR code or Text Code that allows students to log into the Seesaw App at home while protecting students’ privacy.

  • Students can post to their journals, respond to activities, and view announcements.
  • Home Learning Code login does not change any class settings; the only difference is that students will only be able to see work that they are tagged in and will be unable to see each other's work (more info about class privacy here).
  • App update is required.
  • Students can have up to 50 valid Home Learning Codes, and can stay logged in with Home Learning Codes for up to one year.
  • As a teacher, in order to access your Home Learning Codes, please follow the steps here!

Home Learning Codes are different than Class Codes.

  • Class Codes are for students to use when they are working in their classroom. Home Learning Codes are a secure way for students to log in from home. 
  • The Class Code should only be used in the physical classroom. To protect student privacy, the Class Code should not be sent home with students to log in from home. Students who do not log in via email/Google should log in from home using the Home Learning Code.

Please find our FAQ for Remote Learning for teachers here. Most questions about remote learning can be found in this document.

For families who have questions about remote learning, please find a family FAQ guide for remote learning here.



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