How to send Schoolwide Announcements

Seesaw Admin's can send text and multimedia announcements in a school from the School Dashboard via Messages. Announcements are helpful for scenarios such as reminders to families about school wide events.

  • Admins can select the audience for announcements: students, teachers, and/or families in some or all classes in a school.
  • Students, Teachers, and Families receive notifications and can view Announcements in their Messages.

To create a Schoolwide Announcement:

  1. Go to Messages and tap Create New. Select New Announcement from the dropdown.
    Announcements 1.png
  2. Select Audience for the Announcement by tapping on Add Classes.
    1. Select Teachers, Family Members, and/or Students by tapping the box next to each audience.
    2. Select Classes by tapping the box next to each class.
      Announcements 2.png
    3. Announcements can be sent to All Classes or you can customize the grade level and individual classes the announcement will be sent to: ​​Announcements 3.png
    4. Once the Audience is selected, tap the Add Selected button.
      Announcements 4.png
  3. Compose the Announcement message in the text box. 
  4. Multimedia attachments can be added to the Announcement by tapping +Add Attachment to access Creative Tools.
    Announcements 5.png
  5. When you're done creating your Announcement, tap the Send Now button.
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