Creative Tools

What are Creative Tools?

Creative Tools are the tools we use to add work to student journals. You and your students can add a photo, video, drawing, file, note, or link to any Seesaw Classroom using these tools.  


Creative Tools can be found by tapping the Green Add: Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_4.46.03_PM.png in your class Feed View. 

Students who tap the plus mark will be taken directly to the Creative Tools

Teachers who tap the green plus will be given the option to "post to student journal" once this is tapped they will be taken to the Creative Tools. 

The Photo Tool


The photo tool allows students to take pictures of their work. When you tap the photo tool you will be able to take a photo using your device to add directly to Seesaw. Make sure you "allow" camera access when prompted!

You can use this tool to:

  • Add images of student work
  • document experiences
  • create profile icons
  • And more!


The Video Tool


The video tool allows students to take videos. When you tap the video tool you will be prompted to "select or drop a file" or "record a video"! This means students can upload an already created video OR record one live to add to their journal.

You can use this tool to: 

  • record reflections
  • document experiments
  • create tutorials for other students
  • practice reading skills


The Drawing Tool


The drawing tool allows students to create digital artwork. When you tap the drawing tool you will be shown a blank page on which to create your work. There are a variety of drawing and labeling tools as well as a full rainbow of colors to choose from.

You can use this tool to:

  • Simultaneously draw and record audio
  • Show what you know
  • Create Art
The Add File Tool


The add file tool allows you to add files to your Seesaw Classroom. You can connect google drive to easily add files and slides directly from the drive. 

You can use this tool to:

  • Upload items from Google Drive
  • Add files from your computer to Seesaw
The Add Note Tool


The Note tool allows you to write and publish text notes. When you tap this tool you will be shown a lined page to type your thoughts on. 

You can use this tool to:

  • write a reflection
  • send an assignment or prompt to students
  • create journal entries
The Add Link Tool


The Link Tool allows you to add links to your Seesaw Classroom. When you tap this tool you will be prompted to paste a link that you have saved to your clipboard. We take link security seriously and have an expansive list of restricted words, to ensure everything uploaded and shared via Seesaw is safe for all users.


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