How do I add teachers to multiple schools?

Unfortunately, Teachers can only be connected to one school dashboard at a time. If you have teachers that teach at multiple schools, we have a few ways to connect them to the classes they need to access throughout your district. 

Option 1: Invite as a co-teacher
Any teacher in a class can invite another teacher to become a co-teacher, even teachers from other schools. They can click their Wrench Icon > Manage Teachers > send a co-teacher invite to the teacher they need to connect to the class. 
Once the teacher accepts the invite, they will be able to interact with that specific class without their account being housed on that school dashboard. 

This works great for specialist teachers who add items to a Homeroom class in Seesaw. 
Option 2: Moving a Teacher's account
For this option, you will need the help of our Schools Help team. You can submit a ticket here and we will be happy to help! 

From our end, we can move a Teacher account from School A to School B. Once their account is connected to School B, an Admin can add them as a Teacher to existing classes that they need access to, or import a CSV roster to create new classes for them. 

When the School Help team moves teachers from School A to School B, they will remain connected as a teacher to the classes at School A. This move must be done by a School Help team member, this can not be done as an Admin. 
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