How do I add teachers to multiple schools?

Teachers can now be connected to any number of school dashboards within your district! You have a few options depending on how you roster your classes. 

Option 1: Add Existing Teacher Accounts Button
You can add teachers to multiple schools from within the school dashboard, regardless of your rostering method. This is often the quickest way to add teachers to an additional school dashboard.
  1. Sign in at
  2. Tap on the Teachers tab
  3. Tap the 'Add Existing Teacher Accounts' button
  4. Enter the email address of the teacher(s) you would like to add to this dashboard
  5. Follow the prompts to add them to this dashboard.
Option 2: Set Up School Roster Tool

Using the Set Up School Roster tool, you can create classes, and connect teachers to a new dashboard in one CSV import.

  1. Sign in at
  2. From the Admin Tools menu on the Overview page, tap 'Set Up School Roster'
  3. Tap 'Select CSV from Computer'
  4. Follow the prompts to import the CSV Roster
Option 3: Clever & ClassLink Rostering

For Clever & ClassLink rostering districts, teachers that work at multiple schools will automatically be connected to their additional schools and classes during the Clever or ClassLink sync.

If the teachers you are adding are already connected to a school within your district, only their teacher account will be connected to the new school. All of the teacher's classes, and students enrolled in the classes, will remain in the original school dashboard.

If you're adding a teacher who has never been connected to a Seesaw for Schools dashboard, all of their classes and students will be connected to this dashboard. Please contact Seesaw Help to help you move classes and student accounts from one school to another within your district.

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