How do I import class rosters?

To set up your school's classes, teacher and student accounts in bulk, we recommend our roster import process. You can do this through a CSV Roster Import or Clever.

CSV Roster Import

You will use our template to build a spreadsheet of data, import it to your school, and bulk create your classes. It's much easier and faster than creating accounts one by one. Find step by step instructions in the Seesaw for Schools Success Plan or watch the recording below.

  1. Decide on class structure and student sign in modes.
    • Will students sign in with a Class Code or an Email address/Google account? See comparison. Not sure which to pick? Set up classes with Email Sign In and teachers can change later.
    • Do specialist teachers want their own classes, or should they be co-teachers on homeroom classes? Generally, if specialists have their own class periods, create their own classes in Seesaw. If they visit/push into homeroom classes, add them as co-teachers.
  2. Export data from your student information system or class database for every class you want to create in Seesaw. For each class you want to create, you will need: 
    • Teacher email address
    • Teacher first name
    • Teacher last name
    • Class name (Must be unique)
    • Grade level
    • Sign In Mode
    • Student Name (First and Last in the same column)
    • Student ID (Must be unique. Use your existing ID system. Or create one you can use year after year. Ex: Google ID, zlinson19, zacklinson, or
    • Student email address (only needed if using email/Google sign in)
    • Student email password (only needed if using email sign in)
    • Co-Teacher Email
    • Co-Teacher First Name
    • Co-Teacher Last Name 
  3. Fill out our Class Roster Spreadsheet.
    • Make a copy of the Seesaw School Setup Template. Each column has a title that will tell you where your Teacher and Student information will go. Each row in the spreadsheet represents a student in a class. Every student should have their own line (or multiple lines if they are in more than one class) that says what class, teacher, grade level they belong in.
  • Copy/paste from your data export to fill out class information, and fill out the remaining columns for Grade Level, Sign in Mode by selecting from the drop down.
  • Export the "Class Roster" tab of the spreadsheet as a CSV.
    1. In Google Sheets: File -> Download As -> Comma Separated Values
    2. In Excel: File -> Save As -> Set Format to Comma Separated Values
  1. Import Class Rosters into Seesaw.
    • Sign in to your Seesaw for Schools admin account at:
    • Click on the “Bulk Import Rosters” link in Admin Tools section, or from the Classes/Teachers/Students tab.
    • Follow the prompts from Seesaw as you import.
  2. Create all classes and invite all teachers!


Clever Sync
  1. If you’re already using Clever at your school, sign in to your District Admin Account.  
  2. Click +Add New Application. Search for Seesaw. Follow the steps to request to use Roster Sync with Seesaw.
  3. Modify your sharing rules to share just the buildings, grade levels and subject areas you plan to use with Seesaw. Do not share the whole school/district -- this will create too many classes in Seesaw. For example, share only grades K-5, Homeroom/Advisory Classes. Read this FAQ from Clever about Sharing Rules or follow these instructions.
  4. After your sharing rules look correct, email and we will trigger the sync.
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