How do I change default class settings?

Seesaw Administrators have the ability to change default class settings that will impact all classes in their schools. To change your school's class settings in bulk, go to your Administrator Dashboard > Edit School Settings (on the right under Admin Tools) > Manage Default Class Settings. Read below to get an idea of what these settings do. 

  • Student sign in mode
    • Class Code: Shared Devices: For younger students in classrooms with shared devices. Students sign in by scanning a QR code.
    • Class Code 1:1 Device: For younger students in classrooms with 1:1 devices. Students sign in by scanning a QR code and stay logged in for up to one year.
    • Email/Google Sign In: For older students who can remember their email addresses and passwords.
  • Students can see each other’s work
    • Enable this feature if you would like students to see other students’ journals in addition to their own journal.
    • Disable this feature if you want students to see only their own journal in Class Code: 1:1 Sign in and email/Google Sign in modes. NOTE: If you disable this feature in Class Code: Shared Devices classes, students will not be able to see any journal content in your class. They can only add new posts and will not see their own journals or anyone else’s.
  • Student likes
    • Give students permission to 'like' other students' posts.
  • Student comments
    • Give students permission to comment on other students' posts.
  • Student editing
    • Give students permission to edit their work after posting.
  •  Family access
    • Control whether teachers can invite family members.
  • Family sharing
    • Control whether families can save student posts and share them on social media.


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