How do students sign in to Seesaw?

Teachers choose whether students sign in to Seesaw by scanning a Student Code or logging in with their Email / Google Account. Tap Wrench Icon > Class Settings > student sign in modes to change your student sign in mode at any time.

Student Code - Shared Device and 1:1 Sign In

Designed for young learners (PreK-3) and shared devices. No usernames/passwords are required. Students sign in using the QR Student Code or Text Student Code. Students choose their name from the class list to add items to their journal.

  1. Open the Seesaw class app.
  2. Tap “I’m a student”.
  3. Tap the blue “scan code” button and scan the QR for the class.
  4. 1:1 students choose their name from the list, shared device students are ready to make a post!      


 Note for 1:1 Sign In: The signed-in student can add items to only their journal, and can remain signed in for up to one year. If another student wants to use the same device to add items to their journal, Student 1 would need to sign out and Student 2 would need to sign in.

If you're concerned about students signing in to the wrong journal, don't post the QR Student Code poster in your classroom. Instead, have students come to you to get the QR code. You can then make sure students pick the correct journal.

Email / Google Account Sign In

Designed for students who can remember their email address and password. Students type in a Student Code to join the class for the first time. Afterwards, they just need to use their email/password to sign in to Seesaw.

  1. Open the Seesaw Class app.
  2. Tap “I’m a student”.
  3. Input the Class Join code from the teacher and tap “Go”
  4. Tap “Sign in with Google” if students are signing in with a google account or enter name, email and password and tap “create account”.


How do I combine student journals after I change sign in mode?

If you switch from student code sign in to email / Google sign in, you may want to combine student journals so there are not duplicate students (two separate portfolios for each student). After students join your class, you can combine their existing journal with their new account. After combining student journals, the work and families from the existing student will be associated with the new student.

  1. First, make sure that your class is in email/google sign in mode (you can change this back to QR code after you have merged students).
  2. Tap the wrench icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap ‘Manage Students’.
  4. Select a student.
  5. Tap 'Combine with other student journal' button.
  6. Follow the prompts to combine two journals.

You can only combine two students within the same class. Students without an email address can only be combined with students with an email address on their account. Combining student journals cannot be undone, so please do this carefully.


Students using Seesaw for Schools can also sign in via Clever. Find out how here!

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