How do I use the bulk archive class tool?

District administrators can archive all of the active classes across the district at the same time from the District Admin Dashboard. The below steps show to bulk archive classes. This feature is most helpful for performing end of term and end of year roster maintenance.

Archiving a class will remove a class from your active class list. Archived classes do not count towards your class limit.

Please note: bulk archiving is only available for District Admins, not school admins or teachers. School admins and teachers should follow steps for an individual school. 

Note: any classes that are archived in Seesaw but are still active in Clever/Classlink, will be unarchived if a full sync is performed. If there have been changes in Clever/Classlink, then in the next nightly sync after the change, classes will be unarchived. 

How do I bulk archive old classes?
  1. Navigate to your District Dashboard.
  2. Under District Admin Tools, select Archive Old Classes.
  3. Select the date from the calendar to archive all classes created before this date.
  4. Tap the Archive Classes button.
  5. Click OK to confirm bulk archiving of classes.
  6. A window will appear confirming that classes are being archived. Additionally, you will receive an email with a CSV summary report of the archived classes.
How much time does it take before a change made by District Admin goes into effect?

Archiving may take a few minutes to propagate through the system. 

How do I restore or unarchive a class, or undo a change I made?
Please reach out to our Support team and we will be happy to assist you!
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