Getting Started with Messages for Teachers

👤 Audience: Seesaw Teachers

Seesaw Messages allows you to communicate with students, families, and colleagues all in Seesaw!

✉️ Start 1:1 messages, group conversations, or whole-group announcements.

💬 Choose if a message is one-way or two-way.

🔍 Use the search bar to quickly find recipients.

🎥 Send multimedia attachments with built-in photo, video, audio, and more.

🌐 Translate all typed text in one tap.

✓ View engagement with read receipts.

💡 Good to know: Administrators personalize the Messages experience for your school by determining who administrators, teachers, students, and family members can create messages with. Teachers: ask your administrator what settings they have chosen for your school.

Choose a Message type

Use them for one-way messages such as: 

  • Newsletter and classroom reminders to families for things such as field trips, days off, or to provide additional learning resources that can be used at home.
  • Whole class reminders and celebrations to students.

Good to know:

  • Announcements member names are hidden.
  • Family members can reply to Announcements in a private message, if settings are enabled.
  • Co-teachers can be added to conversations


Conversations can be 1:1 or Group Messages. Co-teachers can be added to conversations.

Use conversations for:

  • Discussing student progress with a student and family member/s
  • Connecting groups of students to facilitate discussion or group work
Create and send an Announcement or Conversation
1. Tap the Messages icon in your Seesaw class.
2. Tap the Pencil icon.

3. Select New Announcement or New Conversation.
4. Select an individual or group of individuals to send message to, or select Add Classes to send messages to groups of teachers, students, and/or family members.
  1. individual recipients for 1:1 message
  2. numerous recipients for a customized group
  3. Add Classes for an entire class
5. Teachers & Admins who have access to Seesaw for Schools premium features are able to schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time. 
🌟 Shortcuts for creating and sending Messages
New for Back to School 2023 are helpful shortcuts to make it easier to send messages!

Message shortcut from Student List in Journal: Teachers can message connected families and students from the student list in the Journal Tab (Web only). 

Note: if there are no connected family members, Teachers will be prompted to open the "Invite Families" page.

To message families or students, in the Journal Tab, hover over a Student Group or Individual Student. Tap the conversation bubble icon and select either Message Family(ies) or Message Student(s).

Share Activity Links from Resource Library or Journal: Teachers can share activity/lesson links with teachers or students from the Journal Tab or Seesaw Library. To share links, tap on the [...] and select either Share Activity with Teachers or Share Student Link



Share Progress from Progress Dashboard (Seesaw for Schools only): From the Progress Dashboard, Teachers can message connected family members with a text copy of progress information pre-filled. 
Note: if there are no connected family members, Teachers will be prompted to open the "Invite Families" page.

      1. Select a student from the Progress Dashboard. 
      2. In the modal, tap Message to Family
      3. A New Conversation will open with the message recipients and progress report summary pre-populated. 
Add multimedia content
Users are able to add multimedia attachments to any message using Seesaw’s Creative Tools. When composing a message, tap the green +Add button to add an attachment.

The Creative Tools view will appear, and you'll be able to upload a file, attach a photo or video, write a note, share a link, or use the Creative Canvas to draw and annotate a picture!

See who has viewed your Message
  • To see who has viewed a Conversation, tap on Seen By. 
    • Note: only Teachers/Admins can view read receipts. Parents do not see when a Teacher/Admin has read their message. 
  • Announcements are one-way messages and do not show information about who else is receiving the message to other recipients. Based on school settings, families can reply directly to teachers.
Who are messages visible to?
Messages are visible to recipients in a thread. Additionally, Admins have the ability to manage or audit the Seesaw Messages sent between users at their school. This includes the ability to view all conversations and announcements sent at the school, as well as remove  any messages an administrator deems unnecessary or inappropriate. 
Learn more about Student Safety in Seesaw Messages.

Check out our Messages Quick Start Guides!

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