Rostering with ClassLink FAQs

Please check out our Technical Steps for Administrators resource for more information about rostering with Classlink!

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about rostering Seesaw with ClassLink.

Please note, if you are rostering midyear, we do not recommend using ClassLink. Instead, please add existing teachers so their classes will not be interrupted and CSV imports for any new classes.

We used CSV or Clever last year, can we use ClassLink this year?

Yes! You can use ClassLink this year, even if you have used CSV rostering or Clever to create classes in the past.

Formerly Clever Rostering, you will need to contact Seesaw Support in order to remove the Clever_IDs from you schools, teachers, and students (this ID is not visible to Admin). You can not roster with ClassLink without removing this data first. 

Formerly CSV Rostering, you will need to contact Seesaw Support to ensure that your school dashboards and user accounts are ready to sync. 

What happens when we sync ClassLink and Seesaw? 

If it is your first year rostering your classes in Seesaw through ClassLink, your teachers will not be emailed by Seesaw until we activate your district. District activation occurs after the sync and you have confirmed that your new classes look accurate.

After activation, your teachers will receive an email letting them know their new classes are available. For any teachers who are brand new to Seesaw, they will also be prompted to add a password to their account.

If you are a returning district that has rostered via ClassLink before, your district is already activated. Your teachers will receive an email letting them know how to access their classes immediately after the sync has finished processing.

How often does ClassLink sync with Seesaw?

Seesaw and ClassLink will sync once a day starting at 11:30 pm ET.

You can set up RosterServer to sync to ClassLink at a time that you choose. Any changes that you make to your sharing data that are present in ClassLink prior to 11:30 pm ET will be pushed to Seesaw during the nightly sync event.

You can find more about setting a sync schedule in RosterServer here!

What will happen to our existing accounts?

Nothing! Existing accounts and dashboards will remain as they are. Any teacher or student accounts will just be updated with ClassLink synced data. No prior classes will be changed (the sync does not touch manually created classes).

When ClassLink and Seesaw sync for the first time, ClassLink will search for existing students to update their accounts and enroll them in their new classes. In order for ClassLink to find existing students in Seesaw, the Email field and/or Student ID field in Seesaw must match the Email field and/or SourcedID field in ClassLink. Seesaw can not match on Student Number or State ID fields.

Will existing data merge or will new accounts be created?

Data will merge if certain parameters are met. For teachers, their ClassLink rostered email address will need to be listed on their Seesaw account. For students, their Classlink rostered email address and/or Source ID will need to match their Seesaw email address and/or Student ID. If everything matches, the accounts should merge seamlessly and be ready for syncing with ClassLink.

Why do my students have two accounts after ClassLink Sync?

When you add teachers to your Seesaw for Schools dashboard, all of their classes, students, and posts will be connected to your dashboard as well. These students will not be recognized by ClassLink until a Student ID or an email address is added to their account. If you would like your student's data from their previous class to stay connected to their account, you will need to add a Student ID or an email address to their account so they are recognized by ClassLink!

When the ClassLink sync is initiated, it will search for existing students in Seesaw. When ClassLink finds a Student ID or email address it recognizes, it will update the existing account and enroll that student into their new classes. If ClassLink can not find a Student ID or email address in Seesaw, it will create an account for that student and enroll them in their classes.

The Student ID in Seesaw must match the SourcedID field in ClassLink. We can not match off of the Student Number, username or State ID that is in ClassLink.

If you did not add a Student ID or email address to your students prior to the ClassLink sync, your students will have two accounts in Seesaw. You can either merge the accounts together, to keep their data from previous years connected to their account. Or, *you can archive old accounts and start fresh with the ClassLink syncing accounts. (*recommended)

 To merge accounts, please see the below instructions. 

  1. Sign in to your Seesaw for Schools Admin account at
  2. Tap 'Assign Missing Student IDs' in the Admin Tools section. 
  3. Get an export of SourcedIDs from ClassLink.
  4. Enter in the missing Student IDs using data from ClassLink.
    You can filter this list of students by class using the filter by class menu (top right) if that is simpler.
  5. Tap 'ID in use by StudentName. Click here to merge.'. 
  6. Follow the steps to merge the student into one account. Make sure this information is correct. This cannot be undone.


Can my students use ClassLink SSO to sign into Seesaw?

Yes! Students can log in to ClassLink and select the Seesaw app on iOS. Selecting Seesaw will open the mobile app on mobile devices (such as iPads), and web-based Seesaw for students using laptops, computers, and Chromebooks! This feature is not available on Android.

Can we use ClassLink SSO if we are not rostering with ClassLink?

It is not currently possible to use Classlink or Clever SSO if you are not rostering your classes with Classlink or Clever. 

How do non-teacher accounts get created and how will those users login? 

For anyone who is not in your SIS (ex: Paras, co-teachers that are not enrolled in the class, specialists, admins, principals, etc.) but needs to have a teacher account in Seesaw, those accounts will need to be created outside of the sync. There are a few different ways to go about this, all of which can be found here.

Admin roles can be added at any time using the steps found here.

These individuals may log in at via Email/Password or SSO.

What classes should we share in ClassLink?

We suggest sharing only your Homeroom/Advisory classes with Seesaw! Most students (especially younger students) don't use Seesaw with multiple classes. If all of the classes in your SIS are shared, then each student could end up having a large number of classes. This can confuse students and teachers and cause issues with students submitting work to the wrong class.

Please contact your ClassLink rep for information on creating custom classes or updating sharing rules to filter out excess classes!

How do we update our ClassLink sharing rules?

Please check out our video: Editing Your ClassLink Sharing Rules for more information on updating your Clever sharing rules. 

How do I keep new classes private using ClassLink?

Once you have synced your data from ClassLink to Seesaw, all teachers and students would be able to see their classes if they were to login. If you do not want students and teachers to see their classes, please do not share your current school year's data with Seesaw until that date.

As an admin, you can specify a range of IP addresses from your school network in the Seesaw for Schools dashboard. When trusted IP address ranges are specified for a school, students using Seesaw outside of your school network will not be able to see OTHER students' work. This comes in handy if you have students logging in from home and would like to prevent family members from being able to see other students in the class! Click here for more information about Trusted IP addresses. 

What happens if our teachers have created their own class rather than waiting for the ClassLink sync?

We do not have a way to combine classes, or easily move data from one class to another. Teachers will have to manually move items from one class to another 1-by-1 or start fresh in the ClassLink created class. We do not recommend teachers create their own classes if you are using ClassLink to roster your classes!

Can we hide classes from teachers until the first day of school?

Unfortunately, once the sync has been initiated between ClassLink and Seesaw, we do not have a way to hide classes from teachers. If you do not want teachers to see their class lists until a certain date, please do not share your current school year's data with Seesaw until that date.

Can students access their classes?

After the sync has finished processing, students can sign in via the ClassLink Portal and access Seesaw. If you do not want students to see their classes, please do not share your current school year's data with Seesaw until that date! 

Can family members see their child's classes?

By default, Family Access is turned off for new classes. However, if you have Family Access enabled for your school or district, the new classes will be visible to connected family members in their app. If you do not want family members accessing their student’s new class information, you can disable Family Access in bulk from the school dashboard. Here’s how!

Note: It is possible for family members to sign in to ClassLink Portal as a student and view their child's class.

We purchased Seesaw for Schools for one school, can we roster with ClassLink?

Only purchases covering multiple schools under a single contract are eligible to roster classes with ClassLink or Clever.

We implemented this policy after seeing consistent complexity for single schools trying to roster with ClassLink or Clever - resulting in longer customer wait times, frustration, and issues that delay your ability to start using Seesaw effectively.

 As an individual school, you are able to roster your classes with a CSV import, which ensures a smoother setup process for your learning community. To roster classes with a CSV import please follow the steps here. 

For more information about rostering, check out our technical steps for administrators!

Important Note on ClassLink DataGuard and Smart Masking

Seesaw does not support syncing inaccessible data using ClassLink’s DataGuard or Smart Masking. Please make sure all required data fields for Seesaw are enabled within DataGuard to keep required fields accessible to Seesaw and avoid sync errors. If you have questions about what data to share in your sync, please contact our Support Team


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