How to fix ClassLink sync errors

Districts rostering with ClassLink can view errors under Manage Roster Sync in the District Dashboard.

ClassLink Roster Sync Errors.png

 To resolve these errors:

1. Tap View errors to read the error and resolution.

2. Make the changes required to your data in ClassLink or your Seesaw dashboard per the instructions under resolution. To learn more about how to resolve specific errors, click here.

3. Most errors will require a 're-sync' after you have made the required changes to your data. You can re-sync by tapping re-run sync from the view errors screen under manage roster sync OR tap Manage Roster Sync > click the three dots next to the school you updated > click Run Manual sync.

⚠️ Please note: If you run a Manual Sync for a school, or click the Sync all Schools button, this will re-sync all classes in Seesaw and update enrollments to match exactly what is in ClassLink. Students who were manually added to classes will be removed. Do not re-sync if you do not want to remove manually added students. 

If you see any of the errors below, please follow the below resolution steps. 

Multiple Seesaw accounts match data from ClassLink but teacher accounts can't be merged

This occurs when either an email is already in use on an existing account or teachers change their name or email address. Contact Seesaw Support to resolve. Seesaw will need to move the SourcedID to the new email account.

Multiple Seesaw accounts match student data from ClassLink but emails are not valid domains for the school

Follow the steps to on How to add a trusted domain to your school. 

Multiple Seesaw accounts with the same ClassLink ID

Two accounts were created with the same ClassLink SourcedID. Contact Seesaw Support to delete one account.

More than 7 ClassLink IDs for the same account

This happens when a teacher is listed in multiple schools or students have been assigned the same email address. Please contact Seesaw Support to resolve.

Important Note on ClassLink DataGuard and Smart Masking

Seesaw does not support syncing inaccessible data using ClassLink’s DataGuard or Smart Masking. Please make sure all required data fields for Seesaw are enabled within DataGuard to keep required fields accessible to Seesaw and avoid sync errors. If you have questions about what data to share in your sync, please contact our Support Team


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