How to use Creative Tools Shortcuts

In Seesaw’s creative tools when you have selected a photo, shape or label, you can modify it using the following keyboard shortcuts. To select something, tap on the move tool Screen_Shot_2020-01-08_at_3.16.37_PM.png, then tap on the photo, shape, or label. 


Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Chrome, Firefox, Safari


[↑] [↓] [] [←]
(arrow keys)

[↑] [↓] [] [←]
(arrow keys)

 Rotate 90/45 degrees

[alt] []
[alt] []

[opt] []
[opt] []

 Cut [ctrl] [x] [cmd] [x]
 Copy* [ctrl] [c] [cmd] [c]
 Paste [ctrl] [v] [cmd] [v]
 Duplicate [ctrl] [d] [cmd] [d]
 Bring to Front [ctrl] [↑] [cmd] [shift] [↑]
 Bring Forward [ctrl] [↑] [cmd] [↑]  
 Send to Back

[ctrl] [shift] [↓]

[cmd] [shift] + [↓]
 Send Backward

[ctrl] [↓]

[cmd] [↓] 
 Lock/Unlock [ctrl] [shift] = [l]
(lowercase L)

[cmd] [shift] = [l]
(lowercase L)

 Lock Size/Unlock Size [ctrl] [shift] = [m] [cmd] [shift] [m]
 Undo [ctrl] [z] [cmd] [z]

Chrome/Firefox [ctrl] [y]
Edge: [ctrl] [shift] [z]

[cmd] [shift] [z]

*You can also copy content from another website and paste it into Seesaw! For example, copy an image from image search results and paste it into your Seesaw post. 



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