How to create Flexcards

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Teachers with SI&I accounts can create Flexcards to offer greater customization and variability in activities. Flexcards can contain text, images, or a combination, with up to 30 sides! Teachers can select from a library of pre-made Flexcards created by our Curriculum experts for common ELA and Math use cases.

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How to create an Activity with Flexcards

  1. Tap the green +Add button. 
  2. Tap Create Activity or Assessment.
  3. Tap the Creative Canvas button.

  4. Within the Creative Canvas, tap the Teacher Toolkit checkmark.

  5. Tap Flexcard.

  6. Select the Flexcard Type: Sequential or Random.

  7. Add text, an image, a voice, or a combination to Sides. (Choose up to 30 sides.)

  8. Tap Add to add the Flexcard to the activity. 


View Flexcards in action below!



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