How to lock the size and shape of items in a student template

Teachers can lock the size and shape of items in the Creative Canvas, while still allowing labels, images, videos, and shapes to be moved. This option makes sorting and dragging activities easier for learners! When this tool is used, the object size cannot be accidentally changed when dragged by a student on a canvas.

Note: If a teacher has locked an item, students can still unlock the item by clicking the [...] button on the object and clicking "Unlock". 

How do I lock the size, shape, or position of an item?

  1. Tap the [...] button.
  2. Select Lock.
  3. You can choose to Lock All (size, shape, and position of the item) or Lock Size


Lock All will lock the item in place on the Creative Canvas. This is excellent for background images and objects that students don’t need to move.

Lock Size will lock the size and shape of the item. This will allow students to move items on the Creative Canvas without accidentally resizing the item!

Unlocking: If you need to unlock the item to move it, just tap the [...] button and select Unlock.

💡Tip: Keyboard shortcut Command (or Alt) + Shift + M will Lock Size. Command (or Alt) + Shift + L will Lock All (size, shape, and position of the item).


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