How to add a student's email address to an existing account

3.png Audience: School and District Admins

School and District Admins can update student information from the school dashboard, such as email addresses.

How to add an email address to an existing account: 

1. Sign in as an Admin.

2. Tap on the Students tab.

3. Search for the student by name or by student ID

4. Tap Edit Student.

5. Tap Email.

5. Enter the student's email address, then tap the back arrow to save.

Please note that personal email addresses for family members should NOT be used on student accounts.

  • If your school does not have student email addresses, please do not add an email address to the student accounts.
  • Students without email addresses can log into Seesaw for in-classroom access using the Class Code login method or using Home Learning Codes for at-home access. 

🚩 If the student's email already exists in Seesaw you will be prompted to merge the accounts. Please make sure that this is the correct email, as account merging is permanent.


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